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Employee Recognition Is the Key to Their Motivation

Employee Recognition Is the Key to Their Motivation More and more companies are starting to understand the connection between employee motivation and success. Employees want to understand their role in a company’s success, and companies can tap into that desire to increase performance in positive directions.   Studies show that a key factor in engagement […]

Beyond Success

Throughout the past few weeks, we’ve talked about success and how to achieve it. Achieving success following this path requires much thought and personal work, but in the end, it will hopefully allow you to reach some of the personal goals you have created for yourself. Using the power of your personality type and what […]

Success, One Step at a Time

The path to success isn’t found through a formula. Success doesn’t just happen because someone got lucky, or won the lottery. Success looks different for everyone, which is what makes defining success and following your own path that much more important. There were eight steps outlined in the last eight blogs to show one way […]

Giving Back

You are on a roll! You have accomplished a few of the goals you have set for yourself and are seeing improvements in your personal, professional, and social lives. What happens now? There will always be a few setbacks when it comes to shaping your life and accomplishing your goals, but over time you may […]

Activate Success

The most successful people didn’t get where they are by accident; they had a plan, worked hard, and were rewarded with successful outcomes. Everyone’s definition of personal success is unique unto themselves, but what we can all agree on is that knowing where you are going and what to do is an important part of […]

Investing in Integrity

When you think of the word integrity, what comes to mind? Do you think of people presently in your life or remnants of characters from days gone by? Is integrity a real and concrete character trait that is being encouraged by our families and societies, or is it something that we’ve pushed into the background? […]

Learning to Think

How much time during the day do you spend thinking? Scientists estimate that we only use about 10% of our actual brain power for conscious thought throughout the day. This isn’t to say that we can’t use more of our brain power; we simply don’t utilize the full capacity of our brains when we are […]

What’s Your Personality Type?

Personality can be a tricky thing. Often we are so caught up in living our regular lives that we forget that things like personality can have a major impact on how we interact with other people and deal with certain situations. Personality doesn’t explain everything, but it is a foundational part of human interactions and […]

Defining Success

What is your definition of success? Many of us might not have thought much about what success means to us. All too often we accept someone else’s definition of success- a college degree, a career, marriage, kids, a mortgage. These paths aren’t always the right one for individuals to take; each person needs to define […]

Discover Yourself: Finding Your Passion

We talk about passion in an abstract way. Many of us associate passion with the dreams we once had or the hobbies we maintain as adults. Along the path of life, we’ve gotten caught up in things like having to pay rent, keeping up with bills, settling down and maybe raising families. We forgot the […]