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Communicating Personalities

Getting along with others isn’t easy, especially in a working environment. Not only do we have to deal with our jobs, but we also have to deal with the people around us as well as the individuals who may work above and below us in the professional hierarchy. Being in tune with all these factors […]

Leading the Four Color Personalities

Being the boss is the best. The boss is the top of the pile, the head honcho, the person to whom everyone else looks for guidance and insight. The boss knows the inner workings of the business, knows how to steer the company through thick and thin, and manages projects and people with grace. Of […]

Using Other Color Personalities

When it comes to adapting and communicating, we sometimes miss the point. We get more caught up in finishing a project or assignment than actually hearing what someone else is saying. We rush through directions with our team without understanding that a person in the group might have a better idea, or might be caught […]

Strategic Communication

Strategy and communication are often two words that cause a buzz in a professional environment. Some people cringe when they hear the word strategy- it means a coordinated plan, or at least what seems like a coordinated plan to those who came up with it. For those who have to implement these workplace strategies, it […]

Building Sustainable Professional Relationships

The Four Color Personalities system is designed to give insights into your personality as well as the personalities of the people around you. When we get along with family members or certain people we work with, we may attribute it to our good natures or synchronicity. When we don’t get along with someone, we are […]

Intentional Connection

Intentionally connecting with people spanning the range of the four color personalities can make your personal and professional lives run that much smoother. Understanding the details of good communication and adapting your behaviors towards other people can not only improve business environments but completely alter your interpersonal interactions with people you know and those whom […]

Communicating with the Four Color Personalities

Communicating with other people is sometimes the most frustrating part of our day. Hollywood loves a good misunderstanding, which may explain the wealth of comedic films and romantic comedies that get pumped out every year. Misunderstandings can happen between people who are complete strangers and between individuals who know each other very well; all this […]

More of Others, Less of You

More of others, less of you. Sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? More of others, less of you is simply a way to make sure personalities are being balanced in everyday interactions. Part of the essential method of adapting and connecting is understanding the personalities of the people around you that you interact with every […]