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Psychological Theories: Myers-Briggs and Insights Discovery

There are many articles and websites that will compare and contrast various psychological theories, pitting them against one another in an attempt to find the one great, overarching theory of psychology. As the field of analytical psychology has advanced there have always been theories that have been left behind or discounted based on new evidence; […]

Analyzing Yourself: What Jung Knew

  Throughout his life Carl Jung was constantly questioning and engaging with the information he was gathering. From his patients to his research, his collection of knowledge about the inner workings of the human mind changed how he saw the world around him. Jung was able to revolutionize the field of analytical psychology because he […]

Eight Great Psychological Types- Which One Are You?

We all know that humans can be complicated. Take any office or business environment, for instance, and already you have a wealth of personalities and motivations spinning around the room. From clients to customers, the CEO to the secretary everyone is working together in some way to push their work forward into something meaningful. With […]

The History of the Four Personalities

The four personality types exemplified by the four colors have existed for centuries. Before they were called Fiery Red, Earth Green, Cool Blue, and Sunshine Yellow they were known as humors. The four humors dictated the four most common temperaments that people displayed. Hippocrates was the first to inspire the idea of humors, which were […]

Internal Compass Directs Personal Behavior

Carl Jung’s idea of psychic totality looks something like a compass- each direction points to an unconscious or conscious set of functions that influence a person’s external behaviors. These internal compass points are constantly at play directing a person through life, but certain directions of this internal compass pull individuals in different directions. Everyone feels […]

The Personal and Collective Unconscious

Back in the early days of analytical psychology, Carl Jung had an idea. He theorized that there was a split between a collective unconscious level that everyone shared, and a personal unconscious that was entirely unique to an individual. Far from being a ‘hive mind,’ the collective unconscious is rather a collection of responses and […]

Jung’s Creation of the Self

What do you think of when you think of yourself? Some people envision their physical selves, or how they think they appear to those around them. Other people envision what they are or what they do:  they are husbands, daughters, teachers, students. Our sense of self is rooted far deeper than what we appear to […]

The Birth of Jung Physiology

Carl Jung is known for being one of the most influential individuals in the fields of psychotherapy and psychiatry. He is perhaps most famous for being the father of analytical psychology, which revolutionized the study of individuals and personality characteristics in relation to the subconscious and conscious minds. Jung created the theory that individuals are […]

Reform To Achieve Maximum Results

The last of Jung’s “8 Types” is the Reformer. The Reformer is said to be an abstract thinker who is motivated by results. The motivation can come off as being ultra-competitive to co-workers. Moreover, this same motivation is sometimes offset by their hunger for perfection. Hey, no one is perfect, right? Moreover, this “offset” lets […]

Coordinating a Great Team

  Life requires coordination, and work follows suit. Life and work require coordinating a variety of bodies and organizations expressing a myriad of opinions and beliefs. Coordinating is a difficult thing, to say the least! Having Coordinator personalities in life and work can make things run smoothly, efficiently, and correctly. Coordinators are Carl Jung’s Introverted […]