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The Science Behind Self-Awareness

By Scott Schwefel, CSP, CEO, Discover Yourself The topic of self-awareness is obviously important for anyone who is seeking to understand themselves and to communicate and act more effectively. So what do we know about the brain based science of self-awareness? The development of self-awareness A good way to understand how self-awareness works is to […]

How Psychometric Testing Can Help You Build Stronger Teams

You may have heard about the use of personality tests, or psychometric testing, in business contexts in order to achieve a higher standard of management and team building. Today we’re going to look at what these tests measure and the ways that they can bring business benefits to your team. Why study personality? The theories […]

Step outside of your box – Stop hiring yourself

Imagine yourself in the position of a hiring manager deciding between two potential new employees. One is obviously more qualified, but the other reminds you of yourself in the way they interact or even take a seat. You weigh the qualifications of both and assess which would be the most valuable addition to your team. […]

New Years Resolution

In 2015, I will learn more about myself.  My unique gifts, skills and passion.  I will commit myself to pursuing a career which will allow me to use all of these things to thrive, rather than just survive.  2015 is the year I have been waiting for to make all my dreams come true.  www.discoveryourself.com […]