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Increasing Sales and Client Satisfaction

Perfecting your “Art of Selling” starts with self awareness. The single main reason a sale falls through is because your sales training does not take individual styles into account– both the salesperson and the buyer. Understanding the individual is as important as the process. Whether you are face to face with a customer or on the telephone with a potential prospect, understanding how you communicate will make all the difference in closing the sale. The Insights Discovery Sales Program teaches sales people how to recognize type and how to develop lasting and productive client relationships.

Sales Staff Development and Retention

Developing and Retaining your top sales talent is crucial for your brand and increased revenue streams. Allowing your sales talent to take part in an Insights Discovery Sales Program will encourage and enlighten individuals to know how they sell naturally and where they have areas for improvement based upon their natural selling style. Insights Discovery Profiles will dramatically impact client relationships, help retain the sales talent in your organization, and enable your entire sales team to deliver better results.

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Want to see how the Four Color Model applies to an individual? Download a Sample Insights Discovery Profile Here!

Four Color Model


Increase your sales

You Will Be Able To:

  • Increase Your Revenue
  • Reach Your Sales Goals
  • Become a Better Negotiator
  • Create Better Relationships With Your Clients

Dramatically Improve Your Sales Team’s Performance with the Insights Discovery Sales Program