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Do you coach, or facilitate teams using Strengths finder,
MBTI or DiSC assessments?

Last year 548 new trainers, coaches and facilitators attended an Insights Discovery Accreditation in the US, and are now using the Insights Discovery profile in their organizations!  In fact, there are over 7000 Insights Discovery Accredited Trainers in the world right now, and that number is growing rapidly.

The 4 day Insights Discovery Accreditation Train The Trainer

Held monthly throughout the US, and also globally. Candidates must engage in an initial conversation with us to determine if you qualify, so please contact us to join the fastest growing team of facilitators in our 25 year history.

Find out why companies like

LinkedIn, 3M, Boeing, Nike, Medtronic, Airbnb, Novartis, Oracle, Allianz, Philips, Mylan, Coty, Target, Eaton, Budweiser, Apple, Zillow, Best Buy, Equifax, Whirlpool, Oracle, Honeywell, Ecolab, Boston Scientific, St Jude Medical, US Bank, Tylenol, Accenture, and many more have taken tens of thousands of their teams through Insights Discovery.

Contact Kenzie Schwefel now to see our current schedule and IDA locations.Kenzie@DiscoverYourself.com or call us at 800-688-5850