Discover Yourself: Finding Your Passion

We talk about passion in an abstract way. Many of us associate passion with the dreams we once had or the hobbies we maintain as adults. Along the path of life, we’ve gotten caught up in things like having to pay rent, keeping up with bills, settling down and maybe raising families. We forgot the dreams of our childhoods and instead opted for the path traveled.

Discovering your passion in life means having to rearrange some of our preconceived notions about what success means. Success for many means the job or career that makes the most money. If you’re making money, you can afford to do the things you’re passionate about on the side, right? All too often we get caught up in the money-making, forgetting that money isn’t the definition of success.

Rediscovering passion

As children, we lived passionately. We ran around our neighborhoods, climbed the tallest trees, and played with abandon. As we get older, these impulses are dulled by the necessity and stress of holding down jobs and paying for the things we need to keep ourselves going. Our former dreams of becoming firefighters or astronauts or scientists may have been lost by the wayside as life happened.
What can we do as adults to rediscover passion? First, we have to define what passion is, what makes us passionate, and how this feeds into our definition of success. Passion can be something that you get to do every day that you love to do, that you are good at, and that pays you well. Many people have a job or a hobby that might fulfill some of these requirements, but not all.
People who are passionate about what they do often understand that success isn’t related to a dollar value. Success means that they are personally fulfilled by what they do; they have goals, can achieve those goals, and have made a living out of something they enjoy doing. Instead of slogging through a work week and relishing their all-too-short weekends, passionate people remain engaged in the game.
Discovering yourself
As an adult, it isn’t always easy to find out what it is you are truly passionate about. You may be entrenched in your job and unable to see a way out that would maintain your social or financial status. You might be unsure as to what it is that you are indeed passionate about. Part of knowing your passion is knowing yourself, and discovering who you are day by day.
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