Harnessing the Power of Inspiration


Think about something, or someone, that inspires you. It could be a parent or a former mentor, or a childhood sports hero. Your inspiration could come from other people, but could just as likely come from hearing the theme song to Chariots of Fire. Whatever it is that inspires you allows you to continue reaching for your goals and working towards what you want in life, despite setbacks.
We all need someone to inspire us, to encourage us during those setbacks. Carl Jung calls this person an ‘Extroverted Feeler’, ‘Rational Feeler,’ or ‘Inspirer.’ Inspirers are known for their ability to network and communicate with youthful, vibrant energy.
The power to inspire
Having the power to inspire others can be a driving force for leaders and members of a working team. Coworkers need the ability to be inspired by one another, and bosses should also know how to utilize inspirer traits to motivate their team members.
Inspirers seek environments that are sociable and allow them to network, both personally and professionally. These social interactions give Inspirers the ability to draw on a broad base of ideas and professional experiences of those they’ve networked with. Inspirers are creative, promote their own ideas, and encourage others by developing strong friendships and working relationships.
However, there are pitfalls to being an Inspirer that those of this personality type should be aware of. Inspirers can often:
• Misjudge others
• Misjudge abilities
• Leap to conclusions
• See the good in everyone
This last pitfall might not seem like a bad thing, and it certainly isn’t. Inspirers are valued for their optimism! This optimism can lead to viewing situations and people with rose colored glasses when this might not be the most realistic perspective.

Working with Inspirers
Inspirers can appear inconsistent because of their steadfastness to their own ideas. A good leader of an Inspirer can navigate this aspect of their personality by supervising them fairly and democratically. Inspirers sometimes feel pressured by deadlines or feel uncertain, they can complete a task, but may not voice this to their coworkers or boss. Utilizing time management and having open workplace communication can assist with this.
Inspirers are the life of the party and can be vital in keeping up the mood and motivation in a workplace. As an Inspirer boss, watch out for overuse of flattery and compliments. Inspirer employees are strongest when they are interacting with others, so placing them in these situations can lead to great successes.
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