Motivated for Greatness


Motivation is an extraordinary thing. Motivation can be drawn from internal and external sources, and everyone has a source of motivation that stays strong despite what life throws at them. Some people are incredibly motivated, and not just in their personal lives- they can motivate others to greatness, which is an amazing thing to have in the workplace.

Motivators are what Carl Jung called ‘extroverted intuitive’ types. Motivators value results and, equally, the people who achieve those results. Motivators are natural participants who value the social aspects of their lives, but who are also very intuitive into the motivations and characteristics of those around them.

The strength of motivation

Motivators are great people to have in the workplace, both as employees and as leaders. Motivators value establishing a strong network of contacts and gaining the respect of those around them. They are willing to do the work required to reach the objectives they have for themselves and the objectives their work situation has placed in front of them. Motivators are equally as good at negotiation and mediation because they consider the diverse needs of people around them when making decisions.

Motivators are socially assertive and pick projects that make them and their team look good. They thrive in the spotlight but aren’t fame hogs- they give credit where credit is due. Motivators don’t always like detailed work, but will put their best foot forward to get the job done. They sometimes put too much trust in the things their team or coworkers can accomplish, which can make for some awkward moments and tight deadlines. Motivators are natural leaders, but can be difficult to manage if they aren’t already in leadership positions. While they can be quite successful as leaders, they aren’t natural administrators.

Working with Motivators

Other people might view Motivators as hasty and indiscreet, but they would classify themselves as dynamic and enthusiastic. Considering how others could view their actions can make Motivators better leaders and better coworkers. Variations in tasks and working environments keeps Motivators interested and on track when it comes to having control over their working environments.

Motivators are made more effective with control, direction, and written analysis of their projects and expectations for their job. Working with Motivators means having an encouraging and helpful person in your office who can help you see the bigger picture; being a Motivator means taking your energy from the people around you and their successes by motivating them to greater things.

If you would like further help in identifying yourself or someone you know who may be a motivator, schedule me, Scott Schwefel, as your keynote speaker. I will come to your group and address the differences in personalities in a truthful, fun, and easy-to-understand way. Follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to share my blogs with the color energies you work with!

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